What We Offer

– the Center provides resources and in-services to our parishes in the city and rural areas;

– our staff meets with coordinators and catechists to provide continuity in support and spiritual development as it relates to their catechetical ministry;

–  we recommend and provide resources that are requested by individuals, parishes, catholic schools, parish organizations and those involved in various forms of ministry;

– the Center maintains membership in the Western Canadian Conference of Religious Educators – organization whose aim is to monitor and consolidate religious education in Western Canadian provinces and organize major catechetical conferences for Catholic educators;

– the Center works on establishing a close working relationship with other Eastern Catholic catechetical centres and organizations;

– the Center delivers practical sessions for catechists dealing with liturgical services and the theology thereof;

– the Center provides resources for summer catechetical programs and Catholic Summer Camps;

– the Center maintains the library by ordering new resources and programs as they appear on the market and replaces worn out or lost resources.

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