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Ukrainian Catholic Religious Education Centre was established in 1977 in order to train catechists and provide them with the adequate support and resources. Ever since then the Religious Education Centre has been committed to spreading the teaching of our Church. The staff at the Centre works on developing, promoting and supporting catechetical formation programs such as Emmaus, as well as organizing information sessions and workshops for catechists primarily on various liturgical topics. The reason that such high emphasis is being placed on the liturgical tradition of our Church is due to the liturgical nature of our faith – our Christian experience is based on the feasts and fasts celebrated by our Church.

While most of our parishioners, children and youth in particular, are exposed mainly to the Divine Liturgy, it is important to note that our Church offers a variety of liturgical services. These public prayer-gatherings are designed to strengthen one’s faith, deepen one’s understanding of the incorporeal mystery, and focus one’s attention on the rhythm of life in general. To name merely two more popular services, any given day should begin with Matins – a morning service imbued with references to the rising of the sun and prayers “that this whole day may be perfect, holy, peaceful, and without sin.” Similarly, at the conclusion of our busy days we should pause and notice the twilight. Here, at the onset of the darkness where all kinds of danger may lurk, we should always remember that Christ is our “tranquil light, of the holy glory” – an ancient hymn sung at Vespers. Indeed, as we complete this evening prayer to the Lord, we are assured that Christ is our beginning and our end. He protects us and lifts up the heavy burden of worry that all of us carry.

It is due to this vital connection between the liturgies and one’s religious education and faith that our Centre strives to offer as much instruction on theological significance of these services as possible.

Heartfelt gratitude should be extended to our community for its support, for while the Religious Education Centre strives to serve its needs, it is primarily due to your prayers and support that its existence is possible.

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